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"Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Rising. My name is Unita and I am the Phoenix Rising. I am passionate about plant based eating to nourish and heal the body. Ten years ago I was a junk food vegetarian on 10 daily medications. Now I am healthy, strong, and medication free. Like the Phoenix I have risen from the ashes. Let Phoenix Rising help you do the same. (view my photos to the left)

Phoenix Rising was born out of my passion to help others achieve optimal wellness. Prescription medication can be eliminated in most case by following a plant based nutrient dense diet. Do you want to transition to a clean Whole Foods diet? Would you like help incorporating more nutrient dense plant based food into your diet?  Let Phoenix Rising  help you on your journey to optimal wellness". Unita Cheeseman

Unita Cheeseman is a naturopath, nutritional therapist, aromatherapist, herbalist, public speaker, educator, and holistic cancer practitioner with over a decade of holistic health experience. She is currently in private practice as the owner of Phoenix Rising Health and Wellness Services in Fredericksburg, VA. Unita is a member of Herbalist Without Borders, an international holistic medicine humanitarian organization, and the Virginia State Chapter coordinator for Herbalist Without Borders.


Unita’s passion for naturopathic medicine began with a journey to recover her own health 15 years ago. She holds a B.A. in Health and Wellness from Ashford University, is a Certified Nutritional Counselor through the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, a Certified Vegan Mastery plant based foods educator through the Vegetarian Health Institute, and a Certified Holistic Cancer Educator through The Centers for the Advancement in Cancer Education. Unita is currently completing her PhD in Traditional Naturopathic Medicine through Avicenna Institute.  She is also an Advisory Member for Harvest Market Holistic Practitioner's group.

Unita Cheeseman: Owner

Student Doctor of Naturopathy – Avicenna Institute

Certified Clinical Nutritional Counselor

Healing Health Institute 2013

Vegan Mastery Program Completed September 2012

Vegetarian Health Institute, California, USA

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Phoenix Rising Health is the Best Doctor in Town

"For 4 years I'd suffered with debilitating muscle and joint pain, crippling fatique, fainting spells, and embarrassing emotionalism. Three different doctors and a 5 day hospital stay resulted in me being told it was in my head, something I was doing to myself, I need a psychiatrist. One visit with Unita solved every symptom. I am ecstatic, I finally feel normal again. Phoenix Rising Health gave me back my health and my life. Thank you, Unita!"

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Email: Unita.Phoenix@gmail.com

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